Why NewCo?

We believe in today's connected world you should be able to find easily a deep information on any product. It would empower you to make wise choices. We work hard to make it real, and sometimes work late at night. We believe if we realize this vision we will all be able to buy products better adapter to our needs, push industrials to produce better products, and help you save a lot of time and energy finding what you want to buy.

We believe this shouldn't happen:

Sur le Web, on trouve tout et surtout n’importe quoi...

Crédit : xkcd - Texte original traduit de l'anglais sous licence CC BY-NC 2.5

...NewCo fait le choix de l'entraide.

How can I contribute to NewCo?

How to contribute?

How do you ensure to have quality content on the platform?

Quality of content is, with user experience, our first worry. To reach great result, we set up everything to:

  • guide contributors and entice them to collaborate between them
  • promote best content emergence through our collective intelligence system

How to earn reputation points?

Build your reputation by creating quality content. You will get points from other users votes.

What are the tags for?

Tags are used for two things: tag products, and tag skills. Tags can both be used for skills and products, but the use is different: tags on products is a way to categorize, tags on skills is a way to identify someone's area of competence.